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Snow Melting System

Melt away your snow problems on the road 

  What is Snowmelting System ? 

  By installing the Snowmelting Cable 40mm~60mm under the ground, all snow on the surface of the road are melted away.

Automatic controller with thermo-detector is attached to this system and it works only when it is needed.

  Snowmelting system can be installed in any place, for instance, drive through, entrance and exit of tunnel, parking lot etc... 

It is more effective and sustainable way to remove snow than any other methods.

  By reducing car accident during the winter season, we can save money and protect peoples normal life.  

Snow Problems During Winter

Pedestrian overpass is a perfect zone for installing our Snowmelting System. 

In the Republic of Korea(South) estimated over 300 people slip across stairs and get injured during winter season.

The main cause of road/car accident on highways during winter is "Black Ice" 

Winter season has the highest car accident rates in the year and death rates too. 

Average car accident rates in R. of Korea is 4,000 a year and 330 deaths are caused by car accidents. 

However, death rate during the winter season by car accident is 390.

Product Feature


  - Slope, outside parking lot, sharp curve, black iced area, areas that freeze often, entrance and exit of  tunnel, etc.


  - Stairs, side walk, shadowed alley, sloping road, school area, etc.



  - Bridge for car and pedestrian, pedestrian overpass, etc. 


  - Front door of building, floor of gym, train rail, inside train, bus stop,

    greenhouse, etc.

- It is easy to maintain the system because the system is controlled automatically and does not cause of damaging the road or corrosion like calcium chloride.


- It can be installed in small area where snowplow can not approach. 

- It has high energy efficiency and saves cost of electricity.

- Carbon fiber does not have a danger of over heat or fire.

- It is flexible and easier for construction than other materials. 

- It does not emit harmful electromagnetic wave and environment-friendly. 

- Carbon fiber has an excellent durability and semi-permanent .

Structure And Performance
Installation Planning

Temperature plan

  - Calculate how much heat the installation area is needed.

    It is affected by geometrical element, weather and so on.


Construction plan

  - Plan how much material is required and how to install.

    Make a blueprint consider the consider the construction area.


Control plan

  - Plan what type of system is the most effective and the best for the installation area and design the controlling system.



Carbon fiber      

heating cable

Humidity Detector

Temperature Detector

Weather Detector


Where You Need It
Protect the Road and Nature

Calcium chloride[oxide] damages the road, trees, and cars. Also, it pollutes river and lake. 

The carbon fiber Snowmelting System is totally free from these problems and saves money from damage.