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Carbon Heating Bench

Low Power Consuming But More Effective Heating System

  Carbon Heating Bench is an electric heating bench made of pitch-based carbon. It consumes much less power compare to nickel chrome line to generate the same amount of heat. 

  In addition, it generates 'far-infrared radiation' and 'anion' but harmful electromagnetic wave.



- Provide warm and convenient facilities to citizen

- Promote welfare improvement

- Improve city environment by improving quality of life

- Providing warm resting place for the people in the waiting line for the bus and workers work outside during the winter season. 




Any Design




Bus Station

Bus Stop

Special Feature

- USB port can be installed for the people  who wants to charge their cell phones. This feature is very useful for the people waiting for the bus. 

Design samples



"Melt peoples' frozen mind and body ..."

- Seoul News Paper ( Dec, 03, 2014 ) -

People say "I don't want to stand up but just want to stay on this bench"

- Han Gyeo Rae News Paper (Jan, 21, 2014)

"Hot bus stop bench in the frozen winter"

"Carbon heating bench - low electric bill and generating far-infrared radiation" 

- Gyeong Hang News Paper (Dec, 30, 2014) -

People ask "Hot bus stop bench, what kind of technology it is ?  " 

People say "I wish it will be installed in my town before this winter. " 

- In the carbon industrial fair in Nov, 21, 2014 -

"Creative company, Innovative products"

"More and more carbon heating benches are installed in public places"

- Jung Ang Il Bo News paper (Dec, 19, 2014) -

Old lady in Yang Peong town said 

"I didn't want to sit on cold bench in the bus stop before but this new heating bench is amazing and I'm so happy for this new facility" 

- Asian Today News Paper (Dec, 31, 2014) -

"New special heating bench in bus station in Chun Ceon city and Su Won city"

- Asian Economy News Paper (Dec, 11, 2014) -

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